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Katie is my second artist and will be my go to recommendation if I'm not available for your wedding day.

Katie and I connected over Instagram and I instantly fell in love with her. She's everything I could hope for as a makeup artist and emulates a lot of the same qualities and styles as me. She's calm and collected, bringing those chilled vibes to your wedding morning. She's organised and attentive so you won't need to worry about her on your wedding day. 

Her style is very similar to myself; classic and radiant and always focusing on your favourite features.

From Katie:

Hello! I'm super passionate about all things beauty and I love helping women feel confident and beautiful on their wedding day. 
My signature style includes gorgeous glowy skin with a touch of sparkle on the eye and gloss on the lips. Ultimately I want to enhance my client's natural beauty and create the 'lit from within' look. 

I can't wait to work with you!

Katie also has the luxury of her own home studio, based in Cheshunt and she covers Essex, Hertfordshire and North London. 



Sarah is my number one go to for all your hairstyling needs. Whether you're looking for soft boho waves or something a little more glam and sophisticated, Sarah does it all. 

She comes with the most bubbly personality, she'll have you in stiches from your trial to the wedding day itself!

Sarah and I have worked together lots over the past ten years and whilst we are completely separate business' we love joining forces to give you the best wedding day experience. 

Sarah is fully mobile so she can travel to you andwhilst it's not always possible, we can endeavour to hold your trials together at my studio in Great Hallingbury. 




Beth is my assistant artist and joins me on weddings regularly. She attends to help prep and make up larger bridal parties where time is of the essence or if venues have time restrictions on accessing the bridal suites. 

Beth trained at the prestigious DFMA makeup school and has been with me ever since. 
I love Beth beause she's a very talented arist and brings such an incredible energy to the room. Happy to chat to anyone, she'll make you feel at ease whilst sat in her chair and she'll have you laughing within minutes!

Beth is all about natural yet defined makeup, allowing you to look like you whilst feeling incredible!