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Why you should choose a professional...

Nowadays there are so many 'makeup artists' out there it's really is hard to know where to start. I just wanted to outline a few key things to look for and remember when choosing your wedding makeup artist.

Are you finding that you're getting quotes that run anywhere from £20- into the hundreds?? Things to find out are: What experience level are they? What brands are in their kit? Do their client reviews reflect their price? Do they specialise in wedding makeup? Most of all, does their style of work suit you?

£20-£50: Artists that are too cheap are often self-taught, unreliable, inexperienced and really don't value the opportunity to be employed for your big day. On so many occasions I've had bride's who are let down last minute, normally because something better has come along. If an artist is too cheap and has the option to earn more money on a bigger job or doesn't mind losing a few ££ to go on a night out instead, chances are your wedding isn't that important to them.

£50-£150: Middle priced artists are often fully qualified having been through a couple of years training. Most are self-employed taking into account all overheads such as the cost of their training, a premium branded kit and a wealth of experience. These artist's are working for the love but also to keep a roof over their heads and pay their bills. This in turn makes them super reliable. Remember weddings are seasonal, so salary has to be able to be spread over 12 months, not just the busiest 6.

£150+: More expensive makeup artists may have years and years of experience and only take on a small amount of weddings a year; especially if they work in TV or Fashion too. They may also offer something else that's unique that other artist's may not.

99% of artists do their job for the love, not the money so they really aren't trying to fleece you. If you're ever in doubt, ask for justification of prices and 9 times out of 10 you'll get a valid reason.

Always do your research and above all pick an artist who's style and personality is right for you, not just the price.

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