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Differences between Microblading and Digital Machine eyebrows

To all those doing their research on which technician to go for and which treatment is right for them, I just wanted to highlight the key differences and pros and cons of each.

BOTH treatments are a form of tattoo. Pigment is implanted into the skin using different methods. Microblading is carried out with a manual tool that has a collection of fine needles that form a blade. Digital is achieved using a tattoo machine and a single vibrating needle.

The Digital technique means the pigment is implanted slightly deeper into the skin therefore lasting longer; approx 2-4 years. Microblading can be expected to last 12-18months.

Microbladed strokes tend to be finer and fluffier looking so ideal for someone wanting a very subtle enhancement either for already full brows or for those ladies with fair/fine hair. The image below is an example of my work.


Digital, although still natural, can achieve more prominent brows with the use of shading over the hairstrokes. Hairstrokes are still fine but generally not as 'fluffy' as microblading. The image below is my work with a digital machine and added shading. Shading is an added option for those wanting fuller brows.

Digital machine is suitable for all ages, skin types and tones providing there are no medical/skin issues. Microblading is not recommended for excessively oily, mature or fragile skin.

Colour boosts are recommended every 9-12 months for Microblading and 12-18 months for Digital.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions please do get in touch!

Kayleigh x

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